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Hearing-aid loop & wheelchair access
Our hall has a loop hearing aid system for those who are hard of hearing, and
also provides wheelchair access
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Tuesday, 22 Oct, 2019, 18:32  

Welcome to our website - a place for anyone seeking truth, hope and joy from God and Jesus Christ, accepting the holy inspired scriptures as the only authority and source of faith for the true Church.

The Christadelphians are Bible-believing people who aim to live by faith in Jesus Christ, according to the teaching of his followers as set out in a wholly inspired Bible.

The name Christadelphians simply means "Brothers and Sisters in Christ". Central to Christadelphian belief is the teaching that Christ will one day return to the earth to establish the Kingdom of God and grant eternal life to his people - those who have tried to follow him and God.

Let us tell you more about ourselves - where we meet and how you can contact us - here on our website, or by mail. Better still, keep an eye on our Notice Board for special events, or look at What's Coming Up for the subjects of our regular Sunday meetings, and drop in to meet us!

Talk topic this Sunday
The Lion in Bible Prophesy

Date: 27 Oct 2019
Next Wednesday Bible Study
A Bible Talk

Date: 30 Oct 2019

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